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the guilty granola

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BA in Communications +

MA in Global Sustainability +

AWAI-verified copywriter

As an AWAI-verified copywriter, I‘m equipped with masterful, proven tools and techniques to effectively elevate the competitiveness and success of your ethical brand. Let’s strengthen your messaging, increase your visibility, and define the benefits of your brand, so potential consumers don’t have to guess why you’re better.

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  • PFOS: The Danger of Eating Locally Caught Fish
    If you’re interested in sustainability and health, locally caught fish might be on the menu. Fish are high in essential nutrients and vitamins. And when locally harvested (presumably caught by you), the associated carbon emissions are next to zero and freshness is unbeatable. And if you’re anything like me, you might have dreams of slinking…
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro as a Woman: What You Need to Know
    Climbing Kilimanjaro as a woman has some delicate considerations. Want the inside scoop from someone who has done it and learned a thing or two? You’re in the right place. Here, I’ll talk about those secret lady things that most blogs aren’t going to tell you. And you’ll be perfectly prepared to summit the tallest…
  • Teaching Sustainability in Schools
    Guest blog by Shawna Spencer, a recovering educator. With years of teaching in the public school system behind her, she now uses her English and Education degree and writing skills as a freelance copy and content writer. As a mother, she’s still educating, as she strives to teach her own kids to be more conscientious,…
  • Tips for Finding an Eco-Friendly Rental Property
    Guest blog by Lisa Walker, founder of Lisa Walker is the proud SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) of two adorable but feisty sons. She enjoys trail hiking and beach-combing with her husband Jake when not busy with her boys and home improvement projects. She created as a passion project to share her love of…

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