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Is Plastic a Sustainable Material?

Is plastic a sustainable material? What an unpopular question. If you’re here, you likely know that plastic is not a sustainable material. I personally don’t like plastic.  I often don’t like the look of it.  I don’t like the feel of it.  It feels fake, and toxic, and gross to me. I’d rather use and…

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Why Isn’t Everyone an Environmentalist?

Why isn’t everyone an environmentalist? This questions has crossed my mind countless times. I’ve not quite understood how it isn’t one of the most important things to people- the protection of the space in which you live, work, and play.  The very space… the only space, which gives you everything you have in your life….

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Why Use Reusable Water Bottles vs Bottled Water?

Benefits of Reusable Water Bottles Getting in the habit of using reusable water bottles vs bottled water is a must in the check list of sustainability.  Even if you haven’t given it much thought, it makes sense.  But today, let’s give it some thought.  Let’s look at some facts around plastic water bottles and arm…

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14 Easy, Sustainable Self-Care Ideas

“14 Easy, Sustainable Self-Care Ideas” is a guest blog by Arlette Diederiks of My Green Goodiebag sustainable self-care for stressful times Practicing self-care is so important in keeping some level of sanity during times of stress. Many of us have experienced stress, with the pandemic and lockdowns all over the globe. We don´t seem to…

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Cost Savings of Cloth Napkins vs. Single-Use Paper Napkins

Are there any cost savings of cloth napkins over single use cheap paper napkins? After all, paper napkins are incredibly inexpensive. And this is one of the main complaints I hear about being sustainable: it’s too expensive.  I’ve struggled to understand this, because truly being sustainable means using what you have, not purchasing things you…

Biden’s Environmental Agenda

We’re looking at a very different White house now, with Biden’s first Day actions symbolizing strong commitment to fight climate change and environmental issues.

87 New Year Resolutions to be More Sustainable

2021 is on it’s way, people. She’ll be here shortly! I promise. In the meantime, take a breath, then start doling out goodbyes to 2020’s varied dumpster fires and make room for an incredible 2021! And may I suggest you consider celebrating with new year resolutions to be more sustainable? The great thing about resolutions…

Sustainability Copywriter: Curing the Contradiction

Hi, I’m a sustainability copywriter.  And I’d like to tell you how copywriting goes against my nature. sustainability I’m a graduate of USF’s Global Sustainability graduate program and am a certified practitioner of PM4SD™ (Project Manager for Sustainable Development).  I love all things green, except greenwashing, and have volunteered and joined countless ‘green’ clubs, boards,…

17 Eco-friendly Gift Ideas: Give Digital this Holiday

the right eco-friendly gift is hard to come by Well, now we’re getting frantic in our eco-friendly gift search, aren’t we? Christmas is two weeks away, and you haven’t found the perfect gift for everyone yet. Christmas is tough.  On the one hand, it’s so much fun to buy gifts for people.  On the other…


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