Hi. I’m Holly, a Sustainability Marketer.

the guilty granola, a sustainability marketer and copywriter

A guilty granola, sustainability marketer with a graduate degree in Global Sustainability and a passion for creating a better world.

As a sustainability marketer and copywriter, I help ethical brands improve their visibility and competitiveness in today’s market.  

On a personal level, I help people find realistic, easy ways to incorporate ethical and responsible actions into their lives. Since I’m not a successful extremist, that’s exactly what I have been doing over the years- slowly building sustainable practices into habits, and tipping the scale towards sustainability and away from guilt.

I’m not zero waste. I’m not plastic-free. I’m not raw vegan.  Maybe someday I will be, but until then, I’m a mediocre guilt-ridden granola, drinking a mixed cocktail of shame and excitement while opening an Amazon box of gardening tools.  But I am getting better all the time, and those Amazon boxes come less and less, and my guilt dwindles as I continue to make better decisions more frequently for myself and the planet.

Because I’m not perfect.  And you’re probably not perfect.  But you’re fricken awesome for trying, my guilt-ridden friend. 

And to all my sustainable and ethical brands out there- you’re the future! Thanks for what you do.

On! On!

marketing services: reach who your brand was built for

My goal is to increase visibility for brands that are striving to operate more ethically, sustainably and responsibly. It starts with an in-depth analysis of your key audiences, cohesive brand messaging, and an effective, implementable marketing strategy. Then, we get the right words in the right places, so you’re reaching the people your brand was built for.


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