What is a Guilty Granola?

granola: (noun.) a person that eats healthy food, supports the protection of the environment, and cares for the health and well-being of the planet and people through sustainable practices. May also be known as a hippie. guilty granola: (a more specific noun) a person with intentions of eating healthy food, protecting the environment, and making…

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Sustainable Businesses in Oklahoma City

Traveling to Oklahoma City and wondering about some sustainable businesses to visit? Well, recently, I was too. I love to travel, and always make it a point to visit places that demonstrate a commitment to similar values as mine: sustainability, social justice, and conservationism. I was thrilled to find a number of businesses in OKC…

Sustainable Wooden Toys: Worth the Hype?

“Sustainable Wooden Toys: Worth the Hype?” is a guest blog by copywriter and blogger Sarah Edwards. Sarah writes to engage and educate audiences about everything from early childhood development to alternative medicine. Her conversations with readers draw upon professional experience as an educator and personal experience as a mama.  You can find out more about…

The Benefits of Dandelions: Nutrition For All

We have hundreds of dandelions growing in our yard. Where once, I saw these as weeds, I’ve come around to liking their pop of color in amongst the bright green grass of spring, that I’ve missed so much over the winter. I also have developed quite the respect for dandelions over the last few years….

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Why Isn’t Everyone an Environmentalist?

Why isn’t everyone an environmentalist? This questions has crossed my mind countless times. I’ve not quite understood how it isn’t one of the most important things to people- the protection of the space in which you live, work, and play.  The very space… the only space, which gives you everything you have in your life….

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14 Easy, Sustainable Self-Care Ideas

“14 Easy, Sustainable Self-Care Ideas” is a guest blog by Arlette Diederiks of My Green Goodiebag sustainable self-care for stressful times Practicing self-care is so important in keeping some level of sanity during times of stress. Many of us have experienced stress, with the pandemic and lockdowns all over the globe. We don´t seem to…

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Cost Savings of Cloth Napkins vs. Single-Use Paper Napkins

Are there any cost savings of cloth napkins over single use cheap paper napkins? After all, paper napkins are incredibly inexpensive. And this is one of the main complaints I hear about being sustainable: it’s too expensive.  I’ve struggled to understand this, because truly being sustainable means using what you have, not purchasing things you…