brand flourishment package

Construct a strong foundation for your brand communications.

Stop guessing at content.

Discover what makes your brand special.

Identify who wants what you can offer.

And use the right words in the right places to get in front of them.

Who your brand might be:

  • A small start-up that is overwhelmed and lacking resources to do all the things needed to grow — A Sturdy Foundation is what you need to build your business.
  • An agile brand that is looking to cut the fluff and find the fastest way to get their brand identity and messaging house in order — Efficiency and Expediency speak to you.
  • A medium-sized business that is ready for a refresh — Revisit and Revive is how you get to the next stage of business growth.
  • A brand that wants to kickstart success in a simple and approachable way — a Pinpointed and Direct Roadmap is your route to success.
  • A well-established company that has accumulated a LOT of marketing tools but finds them bulky and hard to work with — Ease of Implementation is how you’ll get the most from your resources.
  • A brand that is in a growth spurt and wants to be sure they are prepared for the opportunity — you’ll want to Do it Right Today for continued success tomorrow.

Learn WHO you are talking to, WHAT to say and HOW to say it.

The Brand Flourishment Package is a four month deep dive into your brand, broken into four stages:

  • STAGE 1: Brand Identity
  • STAGE 2: Brand House and Messaging Matrix
  • STAGE 3: Website and (2) Social Audits
  • STAGE 4: 6-Month Communications Strategy

What’s Included:

4 Optional Consultation Hours| Avatar Profiles | Brand Attribute Guide | Competitor Audit & Brand Messaging Buckets | Messaging Matrix | Brand House | 6-Month Communications Strategy & Content Plan | Single-Source Marketing Toolkit 

These tools will be the foundation for any communication going forward. You will receive editable content so as you grow and evolve, you can update these tools again and again for years to come, expediting any brand refresh exercises.

To learn about the Brand Flourishment package or any other services, drop me a message for pricing and further explanation at or here.

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