Boost Sales through Content Marketing with these 3 Easy Steps

Boost Sales with Content Marketing Ads

My green friends, if you want to boost sales, Content Marketing is KING.

70% of people prefer to learn about new products or technologies through articles.  Over 400 million people are exposed to blogs every MONTH, viewing over 20 million pages of blog content. 

Research Now reports that 84% of online buyers have bought products based on information they’ve read in blogs.

It’s clear that we’re moving away from the hard sell, and into a realm where trust, authenticity, and personal connection is a prerequisite for a sale.

It’s actually pretty simple.  You’ve likely done all of these steps at one time or another.  But, putting them together like this can bring you more leads, expand your audience, and boost sales. 

Step 1: Create value-driven content for your audience

A major piece of content marketing is blogging (remember those numbers above?  20 million pages of blogs are read monthly!). 

Your blog has to be focused on the consumer.  What problems do they have?  What information are they seeking?  You can use your social media metrics to help choose topics that seem to garner the most engagement with your current audience. 

Let’s use an example for boosting sales during the holidays sale with a blog. You might consider writing a blog about the top 10 sustainable gifts that anybody will love.  Use the article to show your products’ value, in a conversational way.  Be sure to include your website links to those products throughout the blog.

Step 2: Add a promotional pop-up to collect emails

If you have one set up for your site already, great!  If not, check out this article for a few ideas on pop-up plugins.  Make sure this pop up appears when a reader lands on this post.  Keep it simple- don’t ask for too much information.  Mention promotions.  Something like “Want great deals?  Sign up for our newsletter!”  Ask only for first name and email, and nothing else, unless it’s essential to your business.

This is another great benefit of blogs.  They can help grow your email list!

Step 3: Sell the knowledge in the blog, not the products

Start setting up an ad for your content.  Yep, that gift guide you just wrote. 

You’re not going to sell your products in this ad. You’re going to sell information. 

Don’t talk about features or benefits of specific products.  Just talk about the blog.  Tell them how this blog article can solve their gift giving problems. Trust me, if the content is good, and your products are green, the products will sell themselves once the reader gets there.

Instagram and Facebook let you select how much you want to spend, so it’s easy to keep your budget small here to test out the effectiveness. 

And that’s it!  You’ve now created value-driven content that can reach a larger audience faster through paid social media ads, with an added benefit of collecting emails for future email lists. 

By providing value to your readers immediately, you establish trust.  For environmentally savvy consumers who are looking for transparency, open communication, and loads of information on products to determine how sustainable they truly are, sales are built on trust. The more information you can provide your readers, the more comfortable they will be purchasing your products.

Last tip!  Make sure your website is user friendly, and it’s easy to navigate through the sales process.  You don’t want to bring them in just to lose them because the website isn’t accommodating.

Good luck, my earth-loving comrades!

Wanna boost sales?

If you’re feeling stuck on how to create a content strategy, or don’t have the resources in house to put it into action, you’re in the right place. The Guilty Granola is a copywriting and content marketing service for sustainable and ethical brands.  To learn more, visit the services page or contact me here.