Earth Day Activities for Kids

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It’s that time again!  If you are looking for Earth Day activities for kids that can be done despite COVID-19 shutdowns, the Guilty Granola has some ideas for you!

what is earth day?

The first Earth Day was in 1970 and has taken place annually on April 22nd ever since. Now celebrated across the globe, it’s a way to show support for a healthy planet and raise awareness about pollution and environmental protection.  People plan events, hold marches and rallies, inspire through arts, share knowledge and gather with groups that hold the common belief that we have a responsibility towards protecting our planet.

why is earth day important?

The success and sheer magnitude of participation in Earth Day has been a way for the public to voice their concern for the state of the environment and their commitment to action to protect it.  Earth Day has had a significant role in driving environmental regulations, contributing to the creation of the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, the Environmental Protection Agency and beyond.  It incorporates citizens and a great many environmental groups that stand in solidarity to protect our plant.

With the support it garners, hopefully we can continue to make strides towards responsible policy across the globe that will protect the planet.

how can you participate?

Usually Earth Day brings together large crowds across the globe, which can be a visual representation of the magnitude of social commitment to the conservation of our earth.  However, this year will be different, as the world shelters in place to avoid the spread of COVID19.  But you can still make your commitment to the environment known and participate in Earth Day, despite COVID19 and associated ‘stay-at-home’ orders.

Visit Earth Day Network to see ALL the amazing digital events that are happening around the world to raise awareness and celebrate Earth Day.  There are zoom meetings, educational events, concerts, unveilings of future renewable energy goals, community ‘remote’ cleanups, poetry slams, art exhibits and more.  Please check it out to see if there are digital Earth Day events you want to participate in! People get pretty creative.

earth day activities for kids

Earth Day is such a great time to bring children into our earth-loving community with fun and interactive activities.  Below are some ideas for Earth Day activities for kids. Build a sense of respect and wonder, educate, and shape little future stewards of our beautiful planet.

build something for nature

This first Earth day activity for kids is a rewarding bonding experience:  building a birdhouse or a bug hotel! 

Check out this tutorial on building a simple birdhouse.  This other tutorial shows you how to make adorable little birdhouses out of PVC. (As always at The Guilty Granola- more points if you repurpose scrap materials!)

If you’ve never heard of a bug hotel, check out this Inhabitat article.  They explain why you want a bug hotel (hint- support pollinators and beneficial insects!) and how to make one.  There are some pretty neat looking bug hotels out there, and if I can help a bee- I’m in!

nature scavenger hunt

During this strange time, anything you can do to get the kids out of the house is a plus.  You don’t have to make this scavenger hunt complicated. Just put a list of natural objects together that you think your children can find outside. Your list might include an oak leaf, dandelion seed, pine needles, twigs, and clover. To incentivize learning, give them facts about the objects before sending them off. Have them repeat it to complete the hunt.  You can put something together on your own, specific to your kids’ ages and where you live, but for a quick solution or to spark ideas, you can download a printable sheet, like this one.

conduct an earth day interview

This is my favorite. I want to see all the little precious voices telling us how important our earth is!  *hearteyes*   Play journalism with them and get out your camera!  Pretend they are being interviewed on television and ask them questions to bring out their appreciation of the natural world.  “What is nature to you?”  “What do you like about Earth?”  “Where do you want to visit on earth and why?” “What’s your favorite animal?”  “What about plants?”  Even better if you can post online and share your Earth Day Interviews with your friends and family.  If you do, tag #EarthDayInterviews on social media so we can see them!

go for a walk and pick up trash

Earth Day events often include cleanups.  Since we can’t all get together, you can do a trash pickup with your family. You can pick up your own street, or head to a local park. (Only if your region is allowing that- please do not violate any CDC public health guidelines!).  I live in a rural area, and when I get out to go for a run or walk, I like to bring a backpack with plastic bags and pick up the trash and recyclables on the side of the road.  It looks better, helps local wildlife and makes you feel good.  And if you have kids, it’s a great teaching moment!

If you want to join this movement on social media, take some pics and hashtag #GetTrashed! Visit GetTrashed for Earth Day for more information.

decide to change a habit

Earth Day is a day to show gratitude to the Earth and recognize the wonders and resources she provides.  If you can’t participate in a scheduled event, or get out of the house, at least take a moment to evaluate some of the things you could do better to reduce the strain we collectively put on our planet.  Talk with your children and family about how you can help the environment, and decide together to make a small change that can have a positive impact. Some ideas are remembering to shut off lights, turn the water off when brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, or donating used toys and clothing to families in need or charity shops.  For more ideas, check out this post. Please share what you decide in the comments below!

Earth Day is an opportunity to remind us who we have to thank for all the wonderful things in our lives: Mother Earth.  Even though these activities can be done any time of the year, I want to thank you for celebrating and recognizing Earth Day, and I hope you share your activities and celebrations with each other, and the guilty granola community!


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