4 Blog Package Special

Want more leads?

Content Marketing gets 3x as many leads as paid search advertising.

3xs as many leads!

So, yes…you definitely want to be doing it.

But what is it?

Content marketing is educational material that doesn’t directly sell your product. It’s informative, easy to read, and consumers are looking for it constantly.

Blogging is an essential piece of content marketing. If you aren’t blogging, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your audience authentically and get your website and products in front of people that are already interested in the values, information, and results of your products.

So… are you blogging?

If so, great. Keep it up!

Consumers (and your bottom line!) will thank you.

But if you aren’t, what’s stopping you?

  • Time?
  • Resources?
  • Overwhelm?
  • Knowledge gap?
  • Not great at writing?

Whatever it is, I can help! This month only, I am offering a discount to the first 3 new clients that sign up for one of my blogging packages. From simply taking on the writing, to taking it all off your plate… I’ve got a package that will work for you.

Content marketing can be overwhelming, especially for smaller businesses, startups, or teams that are already stretched. That’s why hiring a freelancer is a solid solution. Pay just for what you need, with no added fees, and get a professional who has created a business and dedicated their heart, time, and efforts to honing their craft… their very specific craft.

(Hey… that’s me!)


If you are interested in one of these packages, or have any questions, let me know via the contact form below! And while you are here, check out my Services Page for a variety of website and writing services. (I also do retainers!)

Enjoy a15% discount on any other service when signing up for the Blog Package this month. (You’re welcome!)

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